What’s New

What’s New

Are you concerned about trying new lens designs because of outsourcing to labs other than the lab you use? Many new designs can only be manufactured in specific facilities in the U.S, Mexico, China or Japan.

Rest easy. Expert Optics processes 98 percent of your Rx orders in our own lab here in the U.S., were we tightly control quality and service, instead of leaving it up to someone else.

Varilux S Series

Expert Optics is now producing the full line of Varilux S Series lenses in our lab. Varilux S Series’ innovative lens design incorporates custom patient measurements along with W.A.V.E. technology in the lenses.

We make the following designs in our lab with no outsourcing:
Varilux S 4D
Varilux S Design Fit
Varilux Design

VSP and Expert Optics Partnership


VSP Optics Group and Expert Optics have partnered and are proud to offer the full line of UNITY lenses and coatings completed in-house at our lab in Shorewood. The UNITY product portfolio is proprietary to VSP and provides your patients with great vision in several designs. Call or email Expert Optics for more information | 305 Earl Rd. | Shorewood, IL 60404 | Phone: (800) 892-0097 | Fax: (800) 832-3758