Each day you should strive to do your best.

April 1, 2016
Robert Hughbanks ABOC, HOAA- Manager of Training and Development

This is a great attitude that we should all strive for in the optical business. The Expert family pursues this every day as we strive to manufacture an accurate and cosmetically appealing pair of eyeglasses. We receive Rxs daily that push cosmetics to the limit. We appreciate that our accounts call us and ask for suggestions on difficult prescriptions. Together we can make a pair of glasses your patient will appreciate.

Below is one such example. The Rx is -20D OD and -17D OS with some cylinder in both.

We compared thicknesses with different materials

CR-39- OD= 21mm; OS= 14.6mm

1.67 index- OD= 12.6mm; OS= 9.9mm

1.74 index- OD= 11.2; OS= 8.9mm

They decided to go with the 1.67 index because of the price/thickness difference in this case.

Also with high powers it is important to order an O.C. height.


Good start- a smaller frame that requires little decentering of the lens.

A frame with nose pads would have been a better option for

fine tuning the O.C. over the eyes.


1.67 index chosen to help reduce thickness


We called account for approval to lightly roll edges.


And finished with Expert Best A/R.


Results: The patient was elated!