Having the latest technology is one thing. Knowing how to use it is another. We excel at both. That’s to your advantage.

One Big Lab
We have one very, very big lab: 21,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the size of over four basketball courts. And there is an additional 20,000 square feet for administrative and customer service use, as well as education and meeting space for our customers.

It’s big for a reason. Redundancy. With multiples of the same digital surfacing, anti-reflective coating chambers and five axis edgers, our equipment is your insurance policy that your order will be completed on time. If for whatever reason your order might be delayed (and that will be rare), it will never be because of machine downtime. We also have an A.B.O. certified optician on staff to handle difficult eyeglass questions.


98 Percent
Your lenses will be made at our lab. With very few exceptions. What is the significance of this?

We process 98 percent of the Rx orders sent to us. Corporate labs generally farm out over 50 percent. Depending on capacity at those labs on any given day, you won’t really know where your lenses are going to be processed (Mexico, China or Taiwan). And not all the labs are equipped the same, leading to inconsistency and different outcomes. Turn times will be a mystery as well.

Predictability and consistency are built in for you and your patients.

Return Rates
Have you ever heard an optical lab mention its return rate? Probably not. But we will.

Our return rate is 1.5 percent.

Now, compare that to an average and good lab.

Return Rates (one every 100)
Industry Average 7-8%
Good Labs 5%
Expert Optics .8%

We think our rate is very good. We’re striving to get it even lower. And we think we can, but our combination of equipment, technology and experienced staff will make sure it always stays this low.

Leading Edge Technology
Expert Optics is always assessing the latest equipment to keep our lab one of the most advanced anywhere. If there is brand new lens-making technology that can help deliver a pair of glasses faster and more accurately, we’re going to buy it.

Expert Optics has always been wedded to the most advanced lens making technology. Especially today. Free-form lenses require layers of technology to get the precision Eye Care Professionals specify. | 305 Earl Rd. | Shorewood, IL 60404 | Phone: (815) 741-1414 | Fax: (815) 741-1457